Stoic Quotes for the Modern World

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Life is long, if you know how to use it.

Stoicism helped me start to live a meaningful, happy and long life.
It gave me the mindset to be able to endure the worst and appreciate the best in life. It taught me to accept that not all is within my power, to control my perceptions, to direct my actions with purpose and to live in harmony with Nature and the Universe.

This book is a gentle introduction to Stoicism, via a set of quotes to meditate on. By reading one quote at a time you will be able to reflect on it and think about how it applies to your daily life. You can read it as a part of a daily routine, to form a habit of daily reflection on all events of your life.
You will find that learning Stoicism will also lead you to a path of personal growth, resilience and inner peace, as it happened with me.
Embracing the Stoic wisdom will not only make you happier and calm, but it will bring you an advantage over other people who do not realize what is in their control, how to react to adversities and what can they do in challenging circumstances.

I personally selected these quotes from a collection of many books and authors. those quotes are highly curated, short and to the point. They contain timeless wisdom from Philosophers as Seneca (the counselor of Emperor Nero), the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the slave Epictetus. After reading each of these powerful quotes, you will find yourself immersed in deep thinking and meditation about yourself, your daily life and the events that surround you.

The book can be a companion for people who are not into heavy reading, giving the key fundamentals of Stoicism without too many details.
It contains 202 Stoic quotes, one for every day of the year.
The book contains an index to organize qutes by topic (death, life, control, happiness, love...) and by author.
In each page you will have the space to add your personal reflections, meditations and thoughts.

The book is available in paperback on Amazon

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Stoic Quotes for the Modern World

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Stoic Quotes for the Modern World

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