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Soccer Betting Coding

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This is my second book on building a model for betting on soccer.

This book is more advanced than my first one. You should have familiarity with coding in Python to be able to follow the code examples. If you are not familiar with Python you can read this short guide on how to install python, download and play with some data on football matches.

This book is fairly short. The main aim is to show you how to translate a soccer betting model into prediction and an automated betting strategy. Once you have read this book you will be able to build your own model, test its profitability on past results, tune it to obtain the best returns and write an automation to highlight the matches with the highest value.


  • Principle of building a soccer betting model (1X2, Over, Under, Corners markets)
  • Model Back-testing: how to estimate the returns of your model
  • Model Tuning: adjust your model parameters to obtain the best returns
  • Probability and Odds: compare your model probabilities with odds and find value bets
  • Automation: get value bets without manual effort

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Paperback edition

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About the Author

I am Antonio Tropiano, the creator of Alfa Data, a website that helps you find value bets every weekend in the top European Leagues.
In 2019/20 season I reached an ROI of 36%
In 2020/21 season I reached an ROI of 20%
I have also written an
Introduction to Soccer Betting Model Building that explains how to build a model from scratch using Python (with code examples)

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Soccer Betting Coding

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